Shore Fishing

Christmas Bay and our hidden gem ~ Emerald Lake ~ offer excellent fishing from shore. We will point you to our favourite spots. Fishing rods and tackle are available for rent.

Price per person: $35 +GST
(includes YukonFishing License)


Drum Making

Learn how to make a traditional skin drum with Barbara and take it home with you.

Price per person: $150 +GST
(Min. 2 people. Approx. 4-6 hrs)

Scat Tour

We’ve got wildlife and the scat to prove it! Our Scat Tour will introduce you to the wild creatures of this land ~ wolf, coyote, bear, gopher, hare, raven, eagle and many more. Hear stories passed down by our ancestors about respect for all living beings.

Price per person: $15 +GST
(1-hour tour)


Trapline Tour

Follow in the tracks of the Allen family and hear how trapping sustained our family four generations. Picture yourself nestled deep in the wilderness at our old family cabin and learn about the wildlife that surrounds us.

Price per person: $50 +GST
(2 hour tour)